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When solar energy is scorching!

This summer of 2023 confirms it if confirmation were needed. By overexploiting fossil fuels, when solar energy is available on a (photovoltaic) panel, humanity is creating a pressure cooker that is driving up temperatures. With all the disruption this rapid warming is causing. With every piece of glacier that disappears, every flood, every windstorm that wreaks havoc, every piece of land that becomes desert, the SolarStratos mission takes on even more meaning. Demonstrating, with the enthusiasm of adventure and with the passion of a pioneering spirit, that the challenge of flying to the stratosphere in an electric and solar-powered aircraft is possible, allows us to dream in spite of everything. Our message is as clear as it is solar: to live our dreams in the future, we need to save our future now.

Un été canisolaire à records

The statistics promise to reach new records in 2023 for sunshine. This summer has seen some alarming firsts. On the night of 20 to 21 August, the zero-degree isotherm reached an altitude of 5,298 metres! It only took a year for the previous historic peak of 5,184 metres on 25 July 2022 to be exceeded. As for the heat dome, it sent the ground thermometer into a frenzy: 39.3°C in Geneva, over 41°C in Lyon. And almost 44°C in the Ardèche. Ah, if only mankind could tap into this inexhaustible source of energy…

Géo : Raphaël Domjan
parmi ses explorateurs

“Today’s explorers have swapped the desire to surpass themselves for a quest for meaning. And they see their expeditions only in terms of commitment”. In its latest special issue, GÉO Magazine chose Raphaël Domjan as one of its selection of explorers of this new type, who “became an expert in renewable energies and solar energy because he wanted to fight climate change”. Thank you to GÉO for relaying this message. And thank you to all the explorers who are shouting out that the planet must be allowed to keep on dreaming!