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Are you ready to flirt with the edge of space?

Plane Light Propeller Propeller Front Avion 3D

Seven hours in a spacesuit!

The pressurised spacesuit is tested Our pilot, Raphaël Domjan and CEO, Roland Loos, visited our partner Zvezda in Moscow this […]

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Successful tests at our partner Zvezda in Moscow!

Total success of the tests carried out at our partner Zvezda in Moscow on Tuesday November 2, 2021! Raphaël Domjan […]

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SolarStratos up in lights !

New Main Partner SolarStratos is delighted to welcome Bitcoin Switzerland AG as Main Partner. Bitcoin Switzerland AG is a pioneer […]

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Plane Light Propeller Propeller Front Avion 3D

The challenge

Travelling to the edge of the planet using only renewable energy

The aim is to protect our planet’s climate from greenhouse gases by demonstrating that concepts and projects that seemed inconceivable a short time ago are now possible with the technologies available today.

The plane

Stratospheric solar airplane

The plane

A team of passionate and highly specialised people

Multi-skilling is a must in such an experimental project. The team consists of a mix of aeronautical engineers, pilots, builders and others.


SolarStratos is supported by numerous Swiss companies

The team aims to be international, but is committed to its national roots.

Be part of it

Experience this 21st century eco-exploration

By becoming a member of the “SolarStratos” club, you help promote and support our challenge.