At a glance

Length 8.5 meters
Wingspan 24.9 meters
Weight 450 kg
Propulsion propeller, 2.2 m, 4 blades
Engine electrical, max. 32 kW / 2200 rpm
Engine efficiency 90%
Cockpit two seater in tandem
Energy solar
Solar cells 22 m2
Cells efficiency 22-24%
Battery lithium-ion, 20 kWh


SolarStratos is the first commercial two-seater solar plane in history, it will also be the first manned solar plane penetrating the stratosphere. Calin Gologan (Elektra-Solar GmbH – technical partner SolarStratos) is the designer. The basis of the commercial aircraft will be used and the aircraft will be pushed to the limit of its ability to succeed in our crazy bet. This tandem two-seater, with a wingspan of 24 meters and a weight of 450 kilos will fly like any other aircraft.

An aeroplane to science

Exploring distant space we wish to contribute primarily to the protection of our atmosphere, this requires a better understanding of what is happening. The SolarStratos Mission will fly at an altitude little frequented in a fragile environment, propelled solely by solar energy without any pollutant emissions and will give us the possibility to make new measurements, never done before. In the future, the exploration of the stratosphere may allow us to extend and to understand humanity… Who knows…