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The plane

Stratospheric solar airplane



A plane for science

Exploring upper atmosphere we wish to contribute primarily to the protection of our climate, this requires a better understanding of what is happening. The SolarStratos Mission will fly at an altitude little frequented in a fragile environment, propelled solely by solar energy without any pollutant emissions and will give us the possibility to make new measurements, rarely done before.

The airplane has been designed by Calin Gologan and the German company Elektra Solar GmbH.

At a glance



Solarstratos is propelled by a double electric motor (2 x 19 kW) running at max 2’200 rpm. The propeller has 3 blades and a 1.75 meter diameter. For the record flight, a new propeller will be installed, optimized for high altitude climbing.


Our plane’s canopy will protect the pilot during the flight and gives the plane its aerodynamic shape to optimize air resistance.

Space suit

The space suit has been developped by our partner Zvezda. Weighing 12 kg, pressurized, it will protect Raphaël from the very low air pressure in the stratosphere and will provide the oxygen required to breathe in high altitude.

Seats and cockpit

The cockpit is equipped with the usual aeraunautical instruments as well as specific equipment for solar and electric flight. During the flight in the stratosphere, the rear seat will be used to accommodate the space suit equipment. The cockpit comprises two seats placed in tandem (one behind the other).

Solar cells

The solar field of about 22 square meters, on the wings of SolarStratos, is covered with latest generation solar cells, with an efficiency of 22-24%. They will provide energy to the lithium-ion batteries which have a total capacity of 14 kWh, expandable to 21 kWh.


The fuselage and wings are made entirely of carbon fiber, ensuring lightness and strength. The very large wingspan allows for flying at low speed.

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