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EBACE 2023: our simulator gave its pilots wings!

The sun shone on the European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition last week when our whole team put our mission to promote sustainable aviation in the spotlight at the Geneva event. As the first guest speaker at the opening ceremony Raphaël Domjan set the tone, calling on the aviation industry to set an example: “If this sector, where decarbonisation is the most difficult, takes up the challenge, the message would be fantastic, no sector would be able to avoid it.”

But above all, SolarStratos shared the dream at the event, with the HB-SXA simulator on hand to give some lucky candidates the opportunity to experience the thrill of flying solar. Among them, 17-year-old Mack Rutherford – the youngest pilot to complete a solo around the world flight – and Erik Lindbergh, the grandson of Charles Lindbergh who completed the first solo transatlantic flight in 1927. The experience provided a ray of sunshine for the young pilots and was a great warm-up for the Paris Air Show which will take place at Le Bourget from 19-25 June where SolarStratos will be on site — and hopefully in the air too!

Massimo Fiorin flies over
Payerne – from Geneva!

“Incredible. Fantastic to be able to fly over the Payerne runway that I see every day from my office!” (editor’s note: this was said from the SolarStratos stand in Palexpo). Still at the controls of the simulator, Massimo Fiorin, Managing Director of swiss aeropole, expressed his enthusiasm: “SolarStratos gives those involved in aviation the confidence to tackle the challenges of the energy transition and find solutions, while at the same time attracting young people to careers in aeronautics. We can enjoy exciting, adrenalin-fuelled experiences. Like reaching the edge of space in a solar-powered aircraft that produces absolutely no pollution!”

Giovanni Russo:
“Flying like this is a real dream”

Giovanni Russo, Head of Operations at Geneva Airport, also enjoyed his experience on the flight simulator. “Excellent. Unheard of. A great feeling. Very smooth, it reminded me of a motor glider. It proves that we can switch from traditional fuel to solar and electric energy. It’s a benchmark for the future, for the decarbonisation of our industry and the legitimacy to continue to exist in this world. Having flown mainly internal combustion engines and motor gliders, to be able to fly independently and sustainably is a real dream!”

And the dream is already a reality, as Juergen Wiese, Chairman of the EBAA, highlighted: “Look at my smile! If you only dream, you’re just a dreamer. What you are doing with SolarStratos – already flying – is reality. You’re taking us forward and proving that aviation can reinvent itself!”

Live on EBACE TV

Of the many contributions made by our pilot and founder at EBACE 2023, you can watch the interview that he gave a couple of hours after his speech at the opening ceremony here on EBACE TV:

On Wednesday, Raphaël gave a talk at the Sustainability Theatre entitled ‘Take a Trip to the Stratosphere!’. Take a trip to the stratosphere powered by the sun. A reminder to the business aviation sector of its commitment, in 2009, to reduce its carbon emissions by 50% by 2050 in the face of climate change (BACCC).

Genesis and its all-electric range
teams up with SolarStratos

Genesis is joining the SolarStratos adventure as official automotive partner with its range of all-electric vehicles. Raphaël Domjan has the pleasure of driving a Genesis V60: “My first all-electric car. It’s very attractive, with impressive torque and power, while being silent and CO2 emission-free,” he said.
Piergiorgio Cecco, Head of Regional Operations at Genesis Motor Switzerland, said: “This collaboration represents a major step forward in our brand’s vision of a sustainable future.”

Wanted: multi-skilled mechanic!

Did you see the advert? Spread the word! There are still a few hours left to apply.

SolarStratos is looking for a multi-skilled mechanic to complete its team. Do you have practical training in mechanics? Are you flexible? Available and passionate about our eco-adventure? Apply, via the jobup platform only, until 2 June 2023.