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SolarStratos headlines at Anheim Electricity Week

‘The Birth of a Dream’ screened in Holland

The second round of training flights is underway and in a few weeks’ time, HB-SXA will leave Payerne for Valais, the location for this summer’s altitude record attempt. Meanwhile, SolarStratos continues to play its role as a platform for raising awareness and promoting a low-carbon world, this time in Holland at Anheim Electricity Week (25-31 May), where visitors will get a chance to watch the documentary ‘The Birth of a Dream’ that retraces the team’s pioneering adventure.

The title of this event really appealed to us: “Discover watts next in electricity”!

Watch the trailer of ‘The Birth of a Dream’ here :

A patron who will put stars in their eyes

Onwards and upwards young people! When you have your head (and a mission) in the stars, supporting a project that promises to put a twinkle in the eyes of children is a no-brainer. Raphaël Domjan, SolarStratos pilot and founder, has become the enthusiastic patron of the Maison Pro Junior. This former children’s home on the mountain at Chaumont (NE), known as the Basel Home, is now dedicated to the environment, young people and families. SolarStratos plans to run an activity there dedicated to young visitors. Watch the video with Yanick Boillod, President of the association, and its patron here. Or listen to the audio on RTN. To support Pro Junior, please click here.

Stay tuned for the big spring clean…

Spring-cleaning is not usually something that makes the news, but then, when it comes to spring-cleaning an experimental aircraft designed to slice through the air as cleanly as possible, the operation is bound to arouse some curiosity, right?! Stay tuned for more news on this in a few weeks’ time, we’ll be bringing you a blow-by-blow report in a future newsletter and our plane will be shining brighter than ever. Long live spring!

SolarStratos makes a splash in Le Ô!

On 26 April, Patrick Fischer, a former presenter of TTC on RTS, wrote a glowing article for the Montagnes Neuchâteloises weekly publication Le Ô. His feature describing the progress made by the CSEM-developed ultralight solar modules and their many applications ran in the Eco-Eco section. One of these applications is of course on HB-SXA whose wings and tail are covered with the flexible cells by CSEM, a partner of the mission. Accompanied by a stunning photo of the aircraft, the article is sure to make a splash!