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At least 10,000 of you will be following the 10,000 m challenge!

More and more following the adventure!

The SolarStratos Instagram account has been launched and by Valentine’s Day, we had already welcomed 10,000 followers! It is a nice juxtaposition: this summer we will have at least 10,000 Instagrammers following our record attempt to fly at 10,000 m in an electric and solar-powered aircraft. If we include those that follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, online at, and through our newsletters, then we have a nice little crowd of 50,000 supporters who have embarked on our mission for sustainability and to decarbonise society.

As we reach the end of the month, HB-SXA is ready for take-off for the preparatory flight campaign ahead of this summer’s 10,000 m challenge. We are just waiting for the weather, so stay tuned!

510 GW of renewable energy: electrifying!

Pilot and SolarStratos mission founder, Raphaël Domjan, was quick to share the breaking news at the beginning of February: “By 2023, 510 GW of new renewable energy production facilities were installed globally. That’s the equivalent output of around 100 nuclear power stations. In 2024, we should reach 750 GW of new renewable installations across the planet. We are on our way to decarbonising our civilisation. And at this rate, by 2050, over 60% of the energy consumed in the world will be solar generated.”

And SolarStratos is proving that flying will remain a possible and sustainable dream.

10,000 m: a challenge that requires oxygen

To reach the stratosphere, and this summer for the 10,000m altitude record attempt, our pilot will need to be equipped with an oxygen system. The equipment that Raphaël Domjan will be wearing has been developed in partnership with Julien Martinez from LD Switzerland helmets. It was tested in mid-February and has been given the all-clear for use. Breath-taking!

Special record: special badge

The last mission badge that the SolarStratos team wore was for the Paris Air Show expedition last June. As we kick off 2024, we are adorned with a new badge that will guide all our actions towards this summer’s goal: Mission 10,000 metres. We look forward to sharing this chapter of our adventure with you.