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2024 : Welcome on board

With the climate emergency so acute that people are tempted to put their head in the sand, SolarStratos is approaching 2024 more determined than ever. Our mission this year is to set a record for the highest electric solar-powered flight in history. Everything is in place, both from a technological and administrative point of view, and with our permit to fly (PTF) secured, the whole team is looking forward to taking off again. Stay tuned, we are excited to share some new and memorable moments with you as the year unfolds. Welcome aboard for the next flight!

Payerne, 16 mai 2022.
Vol d’essai de l’avion SolarStratos au-dessus du lac de Neuchâtel.
©François Wavre | Lundi13

The Copernicus report is chilling

Copernicus confirmed on the 8 January that 2023 was the hottest year on record. ‘For at least 100,000 years’ according to the Observatory. The report also signalled a global temperature of 1.48°C more than average putting our world on the brink of the maximum + 1.5°C threshold envisaged in the Paris agreement. The ocean is suffering from record temperatures. And the highest concentration of greenhouse gases was recorded in the atmosphere. These are all chilling facts that make the SolarStratos mission all the more compelling. Living and flying on solar power means that people can embrace a sustainable low-carbon future today. Let’s act.

The full Copernicus report.

Press review 2023: We make solar energy shine

Beyond the challenge of flying to the stratosphere, SolarStratos aims to be a communications platform to raise awareness and promote solar energy. Our 2023 press review shows that the adventure is having an impact. By sharing the successes, records, and pitfalls, we are spreading our sustainability message far and wide. Through five press releases, 12 newsletters, hundreds of social media posts with a reach of up to 250,000 people, plus several dozen videos (347,000 views for the 2023 highlights on Facebook) and reels achieving up to 4.2 million views (16.5 million for 7 short reels), plus thousands of likes and comments of encouragement – we can continue to dream! Thank you for following us, thank you to our partners and sponsors for making this adventure possible, and to the world’s media for working with us to spread the word about a possible, sustainable future.

Completing the team

SolarStratos gathers around its founder Raphaël Domjan and its CEO Roland Loos a whole range of talented team members with skills that span technology, logistics, administration, events, communications, filmmaking, and more. At the dawn of a new year that promises plenty of action, we are recruiting to better face the challenges ahead, and we very much look forward to introducing you to our new team members.