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Under the sun…

The sun is still shining brightly – a fact that warms the hearts of those – including the SolarStratos mission – who advocate for the intensive use of solar energy to ensure a low-carbon future for the planet. This need for change is heavily underlined by the new 2023 temperature records. The coming year will be crucial for the SolarStratos project. Achieving an altitude record for a manned solar-electric aircraft with HB-SXA is not only the final step before stratospheric flight, but it will send out a symbolic message that yes, we can continue to dream. To fly. Ever higher. And above all, without harming the planet.

Records that are cause for alarm

In Switzerland, September 2023 was the hottest since measurements began in 1864. June, July and August were the hottest months on earth. Temperatures in Switzerland in October also exceeded the average by 3.1°C, less extreme, but still notable – the average was 9.8°C compared to 10.4°C in October 2022. These results have propelled the planet to the top of the IPCC’s forecast range and the 1.5°C maximum warming limit set by the Paris Agreement is about to be exceeded. It’s time to go solar. Resolutely and urgently.

Senegalese sun

Roland Loos and Raphaël Domjan, respectively SolarStratos CEO and pilot-founder, have been active on other fronts. In November, they returned to Senegal on behalf of the PlanetSolar Foundation to check the Saint Louis solar power plant that opened in 2019 and – alongside the local authorities – to inaugurate the CIFOP vocational training centre for solar installers, a vocational school in Mboro. This mission was organised by Roland Loos – who is very committed to Senegal – in partnership with Jean-François Affolter. Bravo Messieurs.


Monegasque sun

Solar energy is not only our future, but the future of aviation. This was the message that Raphaël Domjan conveyed in Monaco this month at the World Connect by APG event. Monaco Matin and Nice Matin marked the occasion with comprehensive coverage of the ambitious PlanetSolar mission and Prince Albert II of Monaco’s support for the project, including the sovereign’s visit to us last September. Positive, energising feedback!


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