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New telemetry : ready for take off !

To track the HB-SXA flights as closely as possible

As you know, on the website, you can experience every moment of HB-SXA’s flights online via the virtual cockpit. Some seventy to date! The latest enhancement to our solar-electric aircraft involves telemetry. The new, more precise system will also enable us to stream not just one, but two of the Go-Pro cameras on board!

“From now on, we’ll be using UHF waves rather than 4G giving us much greater range, estimated up to 20km,” explained Jonathan Amez-Droz, an embedded systems engineer trained at HEIG-Vaud in Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland, with whom the system was developed.

A new antenna will be fitted to the underside of the aircraft, along with new electronics to manage communications. The whole team is looking forward to testing these new features on their next flight!

Click here for the virtual cockpit:

A SOL-AIR evening with highflyers

Our SOL-AIR event on Friday 6 October at the base in Payerne brought together a group of pioneering minds for a discussion on environmental challenges. Invited by Raphaël Domjan, Professor Christophe Baillif, Director of the Sustainable Energy Centre at CSEM, presented the latest innovative solutions to our partners, friends, explorers and committed politicians. His exceptional contribution impressed the high-profile audience, including politicians committed to a sustainable future, such as François Pointet and Jacqueline de Quattro. Jacqueline de Quattro was incidentally re-elected in the federal elections on 22 October: Bravo!

“An ode to exploration, innovation and collaboration”

There are evenings when the stars and the sun align to radiate innovation and the spirit of adventure and one such took place on Tuesday 3 October, when our partner Marti Arc Jura SA, its customers, partners, friends, and employees joined us in Payerne for a celebration. The exceptional event was led by company director Thierry Linder and Raphaël Domjan, whose presentation showed how to push back the boundaries of what is possible. The words of Marti Arc Jura SA on LinkedIn ( spoke straight to our hearts: “This evening will remain engraved in our memories as an ode to exploration, innovation and collaboration”.

Thank you!

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