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Behind the scenes at SolarStratos

Welcome behind the scenes of SolarStratos! Follow the work and highlights of the team and Raphaël Domjan via our StratosTime, a short video made by Stéphane, our producer and director!

This summer we are taking you to Moscow, to our partner Zvezda. Raphaël and Roland went there to test the spacesuit Sokol (“Falcon” in Russian), which our eco-explorer will wear when reaching the stratosphere. Safety tests of the suit’s Life Support System have been carried out. Technical tests of the emergency system (enabling injecting a minimum of oxygen into the spacesuit, while at the same time maintaining closed-circuit circulation) were also carried out and everything went extremely well. Other adjustments are currently being made and Raphaël will be able conduct the next tests in the fall. You can follow of all this in pictures!

Summer has been playing hard to get. Now that it’s finally here, we hope you can take full advantage of it to have fun and relax. We’ll catch up with you again soon so you can find out about the newest advancements and developments of SolarStratos.

Have a great summer and thank you for your enthusiasm.