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Newsletter SolarStratos n°4, february 2016

Dear Partners, Dear Friends,

Late David Bowie sang „Starman“ for the first time in 1972. 44 years later, the song continues to resonate around the world, but with particular taste and sound. The author left our world to join the stars on January 10, 2016. Barely a month later, on February 4, our dear godfather Edgar Mitchell also bowed out. “This is Major Mitchell to Ground Control, the stars look very different today.” We are sad, but also happy and honored to have been able to cross the path of this great man, this lunar walker. We wanted to start this newsletter by giving him this tribute. Thank you, Edgar, for your support, now eternal. You will always be with us, whether on land or in the stratosphere.

This news somewhat messed us, but life goes on and the adventure of SolarStratos too.
We can tell you that searches for the future hangar of the aircraft SolarStratos are going well. We look forward to soon announcing where the “home-base” of the HB-SXA will be located!

Again thank you for your support and do not hesitate to forward our news to your loved ones!

See you soon for the rest of our solar-stratospheric adventures!
Raphaël and the SolarStratos Team