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Newsletter SolarStratos n°3, January 2016

Dear Partners, Dear Friends,

The year started well for SolarStratos and promises lots of news to share with you! To retain this January: our first altitude flight with an Eco-Light along with Pierrick Duvoisin from CSEM at over 7,000 meters altitude. This flight was a success to the extent that we could test the dynamic effect on the solar cells developed by our partner CSEM.

This first step will help to develop a model for calculating the evolution of the solar cell temperatures in the stratosphere. The next step is to get closer to space at more than 130,000 feet (approx. 40,000 meters) with a balloon this time! The images will definitely be amazing!

Regarding the aircraft construction, I am pleased to inform you that the fuselage is complete. The time is now to develop the wings.

Keep on following our adventures and thank you for your support!

Raphael and the SolarStratos Team